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Posted by Olivia Grady on Friday, January 13th, 2017 at 9:15 am - Permalink

Matt Patterson, Executive Director of the Center for Worker Freedom, had an article published in Forbes on January 13, 2017, about right-to-work’s value while Donald Trump is President:

On January 11, Donald Trump held his first press conference since the election.

During the sometimes-heated exchange with reporters, Trump reiterated his promise that he will make it more expensive for American companies to produce overseas than here in the United States, vowing “…there will be a major border tax on these companies that are leaving.”

This time however Trump stressed the importance of state-to-state competition:

You’ve got a lot of states at play; a lot of competition. So it’s not like, oh, gee, I’m taking the competition away. You’ve got a lot of places you can move. And I don’t care, as along as it’s within the United States, the borders of the United States.

In other words, what each state does to improve its own business climate will be more important than ever as overseas production becomes a less viable option for American companies. And so smart lawmakers will do everything they can to improve their states’ attractiveness to job creators.

One of the things they can do is right-to-work.

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